Professional Services

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Ochsner Firearms and Ammunition Group is a producer of AR-15 firearms and parts.  Custom signature series rifles and small caliber ammunition.


TOG Maritime Group is a  top producer of water craft systems and a leading supplier of military and commercial water crafts. The group has extensive experience supporting boat operation missions.


TOG Defense Group is an industry leader in manufacturing weapons, water craft and aircraft parts.  ​ TOG Defense Group develops advanced capabilities for firearms, facility security, access control systems and weaponized special-mission watercraft, and propulsion/controls. The group also brings extensive experience and expertise in defense facility management and modernization.


TOG Sporting Group is the established market leader in sporting and law enforcement ammunition, tactical and shooting accessories, and sporting firearms. The group serves sport-shooting enthusiasts, law enforcement professionals, military and tactical markets worldwide. Our products include some of the most widely known and respected brands in the industry.